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Social Streaming Wall

Our Social Streaming Wall lets the members share anything they want, this includes photos, links and videos. Members can tag their location, tag their friends and express their feelings.

Features include:

  • Rich Media Sharing - Share photos, links to interesting websites and embed popular media content from YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify and Slideshare etc.
  • Mentions & Hashtags - Get your friends involved by mentioning their @names. Give posts an attitude by adding #hashtags.
  • Customisable Privacy - Control who sees posts. Everyone, site members, friends or only you. Selectively pick friends who can see posts too.
  • Like, Comment & Repost - Participate in stream activities by liking a post, dropping a comment or reposting.
  • Stream Filters - When the social stream gets too noisy, filter it to show only certain posts.
  • Social Sharing - Share interesting posts out to external social network, like Facebook, Twitter, Digg or Reddit.
  • Events - Nothing brings a community together like a get-together! Members can easily create their own events or join existing events and share their ideas on a dedicated stream.
  • Groups - Create groups & spark collaborations.  Create open, closed or invite-only groups.
  • Points and Badges - Reward your site members and keep them engaged.

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