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Engaging with the world has never been easier with our super versatile discussion board/forum tool. 

Features include:

  • Remote Publishing - Even if you are away from your computer, you can still post by emailing to a pre-defined email address where it fetches your posts from the mailbox and automatically posts in the community discussions.
  • Access Control - Be in complete control of your forum with the built-in access control lists (ACL). You can set access restrictions to certain user or user groups controlling what they can do in the discussions.
  • Featured Items - You can highlight important discussions and display them in the forum front page to gain more exposure.
  • Attachments/Media Sharing - Make your posts more engaging by inserting images, PDF’s and videos into the discussions.
  • Add Tagging, Word Association and Word Clouds - Tag discussions with relevant words. Automatically develop creative word clouds!
  • Private Messaging - Get better acquainted with another contributor in the forum by sending them a private message or two, in real-time.
  • Single and Multi Polling - Quickly start a poll inside a discussion to gain more user interactivity and responsiveness.
  • Voting Engine - increase user engagement in the forum by allowing users to cast their votes on a favourite post/reply.
  • Achievements & Badges - Reward active users who contribute in discussions with a badge or two. It's a thoughtful way to make users feel appreciated. You can also upload customised badges too.
  • Live Notifications - Get real-time alerts in your dashboard whenever new replies or new comments are posted. Stay on top of things so that you can respond to discussions quickly.

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